What is this

There are similarities in barber shops you find around the world. They offer a sense of familiarity that may be comforting when you are in unfamiliar places. Whether you are in need of services like a haircut or grooming, you can trust a barber to provide it and then some. Barbers seem to have a knack for conversations and reading people. They can do the job in silence if they think it is what you want or need. Or they can regale you with interesting stories and tips you might want to know about their towns or cities.

The Barber of Siberia is a metaphorical take on tales of adventures and discoveries off the beaten tracks. It is like an online barber shop where you may find information or stories that may spark a desire to explore underrated destinations and do the things not many travelers do. Here you will find ideas, tips, and resources to explore less trodden paths.