The Truth About CS:GO Skin Gambling



Some people say that CS:GO gambling is here to stay. But what is it anyway and what is it hiding?


Counter-Strike_Global_Offensive_iconGambling, specifically skin gambling, in the famous first-person shooter game called Counter Strike: Global Offensive refer to the use of skins or cosmetic designs as virtual money to bet on the results of professional games or matches. Take note that skins don’t influence the gameplay directly, but they have become the virtual goods that make trading and gambling possible.

This type of gambling doesn’t just occur in CS:GO; other game communities also make the bets possible.

Gambling Issue

CS:GO’s fame as an electronic sport or eSport is almost unstoppable. A lot of players now have the desire to wager on matches, and sometimes other users (those outside the US) even use real cash to gamble. In some European states and 46 American ones, cash gambling on sports is prohibited. But virtual goods can be used to bet on the outcome of games.

Nowadays, most sites don’t just allow players to bet on games of chance; most sites now include dice, Jackpot, Blackjack, coin flip games, and others. In such games, the players will be required to deposit skins before they can be allowed to play.

No one knows how much money these sites process because the owners of the sites are difficult to identify.

Effect to Young Players

Wiktor_TaZ_Wojtas_closeup_2Skin gambling can cause young players to be inclined to gambling at an early age. Peer pressure can also push players, both young and old, to acquire one-of-a-kind skins so that they can show off to others. They might also be addicted to the game even more, causing them to rely on video games to find entertainment, disregarding the need to spend some time outside home participating in physical sports.

Although these may all seem negative, the best thing to do is to let the players know how they can balance their video gaming life and the other aspects of their life.

The Truth








Many people believe CS:GO skin gambling should be regulated to avoid ethical and legal problems. Apparently, the game has nothing to hide. The mechanics are pretty simple, actually, and there is no real money being used anyway. So as far as I’m concerned, it has nothing to hide.